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The Raptor is Simon's Bow Company's new entry into the higher-end Asiatic bow market. About the bowyer:

"Simon van der Heijden spends most of his time in his workshop doing what he loves: making bows! Simon has been making bows for over ten years. He started with simple wooden self bows and soon after that laminated longbows. Studying a variety of bows he became interested in traditional bows from the Middle-East and Asia which led him discover new bow making techniques involving modern materials. Simon's passion comes from being part of the whole process. Laying out the "raw materials" put them together, shape them and as a result make a piece of art you can use."
- Simon van der Heijden (Simon's Bow Company)

All Raptors are made with...

Estimated poundage variation: +/- 2 pounds from ordered poundage.
(Extra fee if you want a precise poundage because of possible remakes.)

Raptor 54"

Max draw length (from back): 32"
Length of bow along curve of back: 54"
Min warrantied arrow mass: 7.0 grains-per-pound
Price: $750 (Black), $750 (Caramel), $800 (Sunburst)

Force-draw curve for 54" model, 30#@28"-from-back

Raptor 56"

Max draw length (from back): 32--33"
Length of bow along curve of back: 56"
Min warrantied arrow mass: 7.0 grains-per-pound
Price (includes free shipping): $750 (Black), $750 (Caramel), $800 (Sunburst)


Simon's Bow Company Warranty

12-month warranty from the time of purchase. Strings and arrow passes not included in warranty.