Quivers by Zack Djurica (Normadic Arts Archery)

NOTE: Please contact Zack Djurica directly for orders.

Zack Djurica (of Toronto, Canada) is internationally recognized for his expertise in constructing authentic Asiatic quivers. Zack founded Nomadic Arts Archery, and has spent years researching historical quivers as the basis for his designs. He constructs every one of his quivers by hand. His attention to detail is impeccable, which you can see in the leather work, wood work, and metal work that go into each of his quivers. The Cinnabar Bow is proud to be a distributor for Zack's quivers.

To give you an idea of the attention to detail Zack puts into each Nomadic Arts Archery quiver, we present some videos from the master himself on how he constructs his works of art.

Making of Manchu Quiver

How to Finish the Edges

How to Stitch

The Eastern Quiver is Zack's most popular model, but Zack is also well known for his work on other styles of quivers as well. If you don't see a quiver that you want here, please inquire about about styles, and also please take a look at more of Zack's work at Nomadic Arts Archery.

Partial List of Models

Price: $150
Price (special editions): $175+

Price (base model): $300
Price (w/ emblem): $365
Price (special editions): $400+

Price: $500
Price (special editions): Please ask

Matching belts are included with every quiver. More styles available. Contact Nomadic Arts Archery for details.

Custom Belt with Dragon Pieces

Price: $250

More pics for Eastern Quiver

More pics for Buryat Quiver

More pics for Sadai Quiver