Han-style Bamboo Bow (禮弓) by Jaap Koppedrayer

NOTE: Please contact Jaap Koppedrayer directly for orders.

Jaap Koppedrayer is a master bowmaker with decades of experience constructing all manner of bow (from bamboo bows to yumis to horn composite bows to laminated bows and others). He is a close friend of The Cinnabar Bow, and we are proud to offer his latest creation, the Han-style Bamboo Bow.

The Han-style Bamboo Bow (禮弓) is a handmade bamboo bow (no fiberglass!) with a hardwood core. It is inspired by the bamboo bows used in ancient China (1st millennium BCE). You can see such bows shown in ancient Chinese artwork, including artwork depicting the revered Chinese archery rituals.

Max draw length (from back): 32"
Length of bow along curve of back: 68"
Recommended brace height: 6"

Please see In Stock page for available Han-style bamboo bows.

How to String the Han-style Bamboo Bow

Bow must be strung with the included bow stringer, or else the warranty is void.