Han Wind Series

The Han Dynasty (206 BC--220 AD) represented the golden age of Classical China. It was a period of prosperity (with the consolidation of Silk Road trade routes) with accompanying advances in science, art, and literature. During this time, famous archers such as Li Guang (The Flying General) flourished. But as all dynasties must come to an end, so did the Han. The resulting turmoil ushered in the Three Kingdoms period (220--280 AD), a beloved time whose intrigues and romances would inspire many generations to come. Finally, the Three Kingdoms ended with the reunification of China under the Jin Dynasty (280--420 AD).

The Han Wind is heavily inspired by the straight-tip horn bows of this period (such as the Khotan bow), which had long, thin, read-facing tips that gave the bow both stability and a smooth draw. These properties made the straight-tip bow popular for a very long time, and later variations of the design would last through the Tang and Song Dynasties (a time period leading up to 1279 AD). The Han Wind faithfully recreates the style of these bows and is one of the few modern material bows on the market with such long and thin tips --- this makes it delightfully efficient for a non-contact recurve.

Han Wind 3 (漢風三)

Max draw length (from belly/near-side): 32"
Length of braced bow: 54.3" (138 cm)
Min warrantied arrow mass: 11.0 grains-per-pound
Price (Premium): $450 (up to 45# @ 32"), $470 (50--60# @ 32"), $505 (65--70# @ 32")
Price (Basic, see options): $325+ (up to 60# @ 32")

The Han Wind 3 is a non-contact recurve that features gentle curves and a relatively smooth pull, good speed, and a geometry that is easy to string up. The slightly-curved tips are reminiscent of some bows from the Song dynasty.

Han Wind 1 (漢風一)

Max draw length (from belly/near-side): 33"
Length of braced bow: 57.5" (146 cm)
Min warrantied arrow mass: 12.0 grains-per-pound
Price (Premium): $450 (up to 45# @ 33"), $470 (50--60# @ 33"), $505 (65--70# @ 33")
Price (Basic, see options): $325+ (up to 60# @ 33")

The Han Wind 1 is a non-contact recurve with straight, static tips. It is suitable for archers with longer draw lengths.