Solid Fiberglass Bows

Mariner was one of the earliest makers of solid fiberglass bows in China, before he moved on to making glass-bamboo laminated bows. Now, he has revived his earliest works with a sophisticated touch. A great first purchase for the beginning archer.

Fiberglass Song (玻宋)

Max draw length (from belly/near-side): 32"
Length of braced bow: 53.5" (136 cm)
Price: $169 (up to 60# @ 32"), $209 (65--70# @ 32")

The Glass Song has delicately curved tips modeled after bows from the Song Dynasty (960--1279 CE). Although this is an entry level solid fiberglass bow, you get a lot of value from features such as leather-wrapped limbs, leather lace handle, and a rayskin arrow pass.