How to Order Bows

When you order a Mariner bow, you must specify the following:
  1. Model.
  2. Draw Weight (increments of 5#) @ Model's Max Draw Length. [You must mention both weight and draw length.]
  3. Decoration options (see here). If unspecified, "Clear-Black" is the default.
  4. Your Postal Address & Phone Number
Please note:

Ordering from Europe, Middle East, Africa

Ordering from Southeast Asia, Oceania

Ordering from North and South America

Prices listed on this site are for purchases in the Americas. Other regions will have different prices due to differences in taxation and customs practices in the respective country of the Mariner bows distribution partner. Shipping & handling not included in list prices (please inquire for estimates).

How to Order Rings and Books

Contact Justin Ma ( from USA.

Visiting Us

The founders of The Cinnabar Bow are a group of traditional Asian archery enthusiasts based in the Bay Area in Northern California, USA. If you happen to be in the area and would like to come shooting with us (or would like to try out some of the bows we have in stock), feel free to send us a line at

Replacement and Repairs

Please see the FAQ for our replacement and repair policy.