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The Cinnabar Bow is proud to be an official reseller of Mariner (水手) Traditional Chinese Bows. Mariner's handmade bamboo-fiberglass laminated bows have been gaining a reputation in China for their performance and craftsmanship. Find out more about Mariner, his bows, and other traditional archery gear made by our friends (like quivers by Nomadic Arts Archery) by clicking the tabs above.


April 8, 2014: We are announcing a price increase for our bow models starting with orders placed on Friday, April 18th and after. (Customers who have placed orders before that date will not be affected by the price change.) Part of the reason is that demand for Mariner's bows continues to rise above his production capacity (but we're trying our best to keep up with demand while staying true to our principles!), and operational costs continue to rise. At the same time, we want to continue investing in research that helps us introduce new features and refinements to our bows, as well as to provide ever more competitive and comfortable living wages for the apprentices who assist Mariner in his craft. Thank you again for your interest, support, and understanding.

April 5, 2014: We're in the process of establishing a new horseback archery club in the Bay Area called the Sonoma Coast Centaurs (in Petaluma, California), and this past weekend we held our first general interest meeting/clinic. The meeting was organized by Mike Loades and the Sonoma Coastal EquesTraining Center. Mike gave an overview lecture/demo, Tim Macmillan demonstrated Yabusame and provided hands-on instruction, and I provided a hands-on demo of thumb ring shooting. Great start! Photos of the gathering here.

February 15--17, 2014: We held another productive and successful Chinese Archery Training Program at Jaap & Kay Koppedrayer's Bamboo Farm in Odum, Georgia! Peter Dekker provided instruction and presented his latest research on Manchu/Qing archery, while I provided instruction in Ming dynasty archery. Photos and a review of the event are available below.

Hope you can make it to next year's Chinese Archery Training Program, which will be held February 27th--March 1st, 2015.

January 31, 2014: Happy Near Year of the Horse! Thanks again everyone for your continued support of The Cinnabarbow Bow. We have some exciting developments in store for this year. One is wooden veneers, of which Mariner has been experimenting with Bocote (among other woods). The other is the new specialized Ming-7 for short draws up to 28"-from-the-belly. We've been evaluating prototypes and will be ready to debut it soon. Please stay tuned for upcoming announcements!

October 3, 2013: People often ask me how to use the thumb rings with guards. To that end, I have filmed a short video on how to use this style of ring, as you can see below and on the Rings page.

July 11, 2013: We have slightly changed the way that people can specify bow decoration, and have now included Calligraphy and Tiger Emblems among the options you can choose. Please see Decoration Options for more info.

June 27, 2013: We are delighted to introduce a new kids bow, the Dandelion. It's a small bow with a short draw suitable for youngsters available at a more affordable price, but built with the same quality and care as the rest of Mariner's bows. Please take a look!

May 18, 2013: We are proud to make a couple of major announcements. First, we are in the process of testing Fastflight strings on our bows. So far the results look good! Second, we are happy to introduce a revamp of our Han and Ming lineups, providing a more fine-grained spectrum of bows sizes and draw lengths for you to find the right bow to suit your style. For the Han series, we have the new Han Wind 2, which is a medium-sized bow capable of a 32" draw (from the belly). The Han Wind 1 still retain the same specs as before, except that we will rate it at a maximum draw length of 33". For the Ming series, we introduce the new Ming Moon 6, which is also a medium-sized bow capable of a 32" draw. Moreover, the Ming Moon 1 will be lengthened to 149 cm so that it can reach a 33--34" draw. Check out the newly revamped models. We hope you'll like them!

May 13, 2013: On April 20--21, 2013, I traveled to Somerset, England and gave a presentation about Ming Dynasty military archery at the SPTA St. George's Shoot. Had a great exchange with all the archers there, including Mark Stretton (who holds the world record for shooting with a 200# English longbow) and Joe Gibbs (who himself can shoot with 180# English longbows). There's a brief photo album of the event, and some video me working with Mark on some heavy bow pulling drills.

April 12, 2013: Here are some photos from the Chinese Archery Program and Lectures that were held in Odum, Georgia, USA this year on March 22nd--24th. Jie Tian and I gave a lecture on Ming Dynasty military archery, and provided instruction in Ming archery technique. We thank Jaap and Kay Koppedrayer (Yumi Bows), and Peter Dekker (Manchu Archery) for organizing, lecturing, and teaching. And most importantly, thanks to all the people who traveled from all over the participate!

Photo Album

It was a tremendous amount of fun, and we plan to do it again next year during President's Day Weekend 2014!

April 11, 2013: Just decided to do some spring cleaning on our site. :) Also, we will soon be introducing some new models to the Ming Moon and Han Wind lineups. To make room for the new introductions, we will be retiring the Ming-2 and Ming-3 models. Stay tuned for more details!

February 26, 2013: We're very happy to announce that we have started a collaboration with Zack Djurica of Nomadic Arts Archery to sell his quivers! The craftsmanship of these quivers is absolutely top notch. Learn more on our new Quivers page. We're also happy to announce that we are selling plastic thumb rings, which are great for archers starting to learn the thumb release. Check them out on our Thumb Rings page.

January 18, 2013: We are very proud to introduce the Ming Moon 5, which for the very first time introduces a takedown design for traditional Chinese bows! This design is convenient for traveling archers who are especially mindful of luggage space.

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